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FAAC provides solutions for automation in residential, office, industrial, vehicular and pedestrian access control such as Automation gates and barriers e.g industrial doors, garage doors, alarm system, pedestrian doors, special doors and entrances, parking areas with bollards toll collection and traffic.
Rosemount TankGauging
We are a representative company of Rosemount Tank Gauging systems form Emerson Process. We have been installing Radar based gauges, Temperature sensors, Water level Sensors, etc for Depots, Refineries, Petrol Stations, and big storage tanks.
We take care of external enclosures as well as partitions, doors, canopies, cladding, street furniture sculptures . Not only for interior stairs but also a wide range of railings and balustrades. For each of these components of the Faraone system, the design plays a major role.
Tramigo is completly new and unique way to track and guard your assets and loved ones. Tramigo T22 combines mobile technology (GSM) with satelites (GPS) and can be used with any mobile phone. No monthly or annual fees, you only need to add a local SIM card and your Tramigo is ready for use
Mr. Razak Onajole
Engr. Ranti Awofeso
Who we are
Solarcare is a company dedicated to Procuring, Supplying, Installing, and Supporting quality technical equipment, Providing competent Engineering and Construction Services and Support by installing various equipment emanating from contemporary Innovative Technologies with the aim of applying them to improve the daily lives of our people.